Keys To Achieve A Functional Kitchen

Keys To Achieve A Functional Kitchen

Making the kitchen a comfortable and practical space, whatever the meters available in it, involves expanding the work space, passage and storage space as much as possible, in such a way that they allow daily tasks to be carried out comfortably, no matter how small. be.


From tiny kitchens to huge ones, the important thing is to make it look like a spacious place where you can move, store or cook in total comfort. To achieve this, you only have to take into account four factors …


1. Get a bright space


The lighting is an aspect that takes special relevance in the kitchen, not only because it allows the comfortable, too, because light tasks helps visually expand the space.


To begin with, the entry of natural light into the room should be enhanced , taking advantage of the rays that enter through windows or doors. In addition, it is necessary to carry out an optimal planning of the artificial light according to the kitchen areas, since the dining room, work, cooking or storage area cannot have the same type of lighting.


The use of color in the kitchen also affects the feeling of spaciousness. Light or neutral tones, and some bright colors such as yellows, reds or oranges, will enhance the luminosity; also lacquered furniture or some light and / or glossy coatings. That is why it is vital to consider the effect that the color and finishes of furniture and coatings can have on the space before choosing them.


2. Optimally distribute space


Choosing the layout of the kitchen will depend on the space available and the location of elements such as radiators, doors and windows in it. The placement of furniture , appliances and other accessories will vary according to the shape and size of the kitchen, always choosing the one that offers the most space for work, mobility and storage.

In L, on parallel fronts, in U, in line , with a central island or American bar, fully or partially integrated, an optimal kitchen distribution will allow maximum comfort when cooking, moving around and being able to access any corner.


3. Choosing the perfect furniture and appliances


When it comes to achieving a functional kitchen, a correct choice of furniture is essential. The first thing is to make sure that the furniture and appliances meet the needs of the inhabitants of the house.


Depending on the space, style , tastes and possibilities, the choice will be one or the other. Thus, if you do not have many meters, you will choose multifunctional, folding furniture, with light colors and / or glossy finishes, and compact appliances. If space is not a problem, you can opt for practical elements such as islands or large appliances.


In the case of appliances, whatever the size of the kitchen, it is important that they save time and money, and that they offer easy maintenance.


4. Take Advantage of Plugins


On the market there are countless accessories to turn the kitchen into a most practical room. From those that help to maintain order, to those that provide us with more space for storage, the case is to achieve a larger, clearer, more comfortable kitchen with greater mobility and work surface.


In this line are auxiliary furniture such as tables or chairs, which can perform various functions (support surface or storage space, for example). Folding or stackable furniture also helps to achieve a functional kitchen.


The important thing is to choose those pieces that fit the needs, possibilities and tastes of the first decade, in order to achieve a comfortable and practical space .