How To Light Up The Kitchen: Mistakes And Successes

The kitchens used to be a functional area dedicated solely to the preparation of food. However, these days, modern kitchens perform a wide variety of tasks, such as having breakfast or a mid-morning coffee or a mid-afternoon snack, helping children with their homework or enjoying a glass of wine while preparing dinner as a couple. Therefore, having enough light to work comfortably is an essential aspect in the design of any kitchen .


Common mistakes in kitchen lighting


1. Use a single lamp or spotlight in the center of the kitchen to illuminate the entire space.

2. Locate several points of light, but only on the ceiling . Kitchen cabinets will cast shadows on the countertop, making it difficult to see in this work area .

3. Not having enough switches to illuminate each area of ​​the kitchen separately or to regulate the light intensity in the different areas of the kitchen .


Tips for correctly lighting the kitchen


The kitchen is a multinational space , which is why it is essential to incorporate different types of lighting into it. These are the keys to do it correctly:


1. Incorporate point lights


A spot or task light can make things like cutting, peeling, or following a recipe from a cookbook easier. For this, small halogens can be incorporated under high kitchen cabinets or pendant lamps on a central island. Extractor hoods usually have a built-in light to facilitate work in the cooking zone .


2. Regulate the light


Regulating the light intensity of the kitchen allows you to create a relaxed and warm atmosphere at certain times of the day. A very popular option is the rows of small lights that are usually located under kitchen cabinets or hidden in crown molding. The rack lights can also help control the light intensity of the kitchen and create a soft ambient light.


3. Decorate with light


There are other lights with a purely decorative function that are also beginning to become popular in today’s kitchens . For example, those located on tables in the breakfast area or inside kitchen cabinets with glass doors. These types of lights will give the kitchen an elegant and very modern look.