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How to choose the best quality boards for building a wooden deck?

First of all, your choices will be determined by the look you want to have and the budget you have. Then the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of blades will allow you to make your choice with full knowledge of the facts.


The entire team at Deck Builders company is also at your disposal to guide you and give you the best advice to be satisfied with the final result!


The accessories


For the installation, there is nothing technically very complicated. Still, to carry out the installation in the art rules, you will have to be equipped with adequate tools and not to neglect all the accessories of poses that can greatly simplify your life. All installation accessories such as pedestals, wedges, geotextiles, and fixing products such as screws or even specific drills, are at your disposal.


We will guide you on the quality of the products and the quantity you will need for the construction of your outdoor deck. Beyond the installation, there are decorative accessories to provide, such as lighting: spotlights, projectors, designer, and table lamps … The lighting of the garden is one of the important elements of the project because a well thought out will enhance your layout.


The pose


You are free to carry out the construction of your wooden deck yourself or call in a professional.


We are there to guide you, give you advice, or recommend one of our service partners.


And then, how to maintain your deck


You should know that wooden decks require very little maintenance, as soon as you let them take their “driftwood” patina naturally. The wooden slats will quickly turn gray under the effect of the sun’s rays and bad weather, according to the purists, this is what gives a certain cachet to the deck, which is all the more beautiful.


However, to limit the superficial working of the wooden boards’ surface and prevent the phenomenon of micro-chipping as much as possible, some will recommend using a saturator for new wood from the first year.


To clean the wooden planks and prevent dirt deposits, all you need is a deck broom and clear water, or even saltwater ideally. This step is very simple and needs to be repeated a few times each year, just like cleaning a traditional deck. If stains are present, you can use mild soap but not aggressive products or high-pressure jets to avoid damaging the blades. To keep the original color, exotic wood slats, you can use a saturator once/year.