Remodeling Ideas For Consistency In Bathroom Design

Remodeling Ideas For Consistency In Bathroom Design

Taking bathroom remodel ideas from either a picture in your mind or a magazine and making them come true can be a real challenge. Just looking for the perfect paint or flooring can take months. When you finally find the one that meets your expectations and you fall in love with its design, you may want to use it in other places in the house, maybe not exactly the same materials but the “theme” that maintains the uniformity in terms of the design of the house. rest of the house. Fortunately, you can, up to a point. The idea of ​​consistency in bathroom design is what allows you to carry the same colors, fabrics and textures from one room to another, to achieve harmony and harmony in your home.

Consistency of bathroom design is key

Consistency is important to design, and it is a way to infuse your unique personality into the home. For example, using similar wood tones, such as dark tile flooring in both the kitchen and dining room, combined with bamboo tones, projects a better sense of your style than switching between dark and light woods. Placing the same flooring in similar rooms, such as a master bathroom and a toilet, also makes your home look more uniform.

The design of your home is not intended to lack variety, but to maintain a certain basic style from one room to another, ultimately minimizing the impact when moving from one room to another. When you find materials and elements that perfectly combine both form and function in the design, you can use them to set the general atmosphere of your home, print your character with a good combination .

Floors in the bathroom should be even

When choosing your bathroom flooring, you will find many options that promote consistency without the need to combine perfectly. When you choose the same mosaic in a main bathroom and a toilet, for example, you can select the mosaic from the same series but varying in size or shape.

Try opting for a more elaborate pattern in the master bathroom, then lay the same tiles in a simple linear pattern for a simpler effect in the toilet. You can also choose to lay large tiles for a larger bathroom and a smaller variation for that toilet. For greater versatility, choose a cold and neutral tile, perhaps with a grain that emulates the appearance of marble, with this you will achieve that touch of distinction and elegance that your bathroom needs.

Backsplash tiles in line with the overall appearance

Rather than choosing different tiles for each backsplash, which could end up in competition with each other, consider using the same style in your bathrooms, but with minor adjustments. For example, try using similar-looking tile to accent an entire wall behind a bathtub, and then use the same tile as a backsplash in the toilet area.

Tile accents help promote consistency in bathroom design

Accenting a wall with mosaics gives you another opportunity to keep the design consistent in your home. These finishing touches should keep the same basic style in different rooms, even if you choose different colors or patterns. For example, if you love the clean, crisp look of bathroom white, but are concerned about ending up with an excessively stark design, work on the color by adding edging to the tiles or something that breaks up that monotony.

As you study remodeling ideas for your bathroom, certain designs or colors are likely to take shape in your mind. These favorite styles will make up your personal design profile, which can be worn throughout the home for a consistent look. Staying consistent and true to yourself when remodeling your bathrooms will result in designs that will truly fall in love.