Custom Hard Hat Stickers

Custom Hard Hat Stickers

Are you custom hard hat stickers? Does operating an air lift, crane or crawler excavator no longer induce a shot of adrenaline and excitement to your career? Rejuvenate your hard hat with custom stickers and add a fresh injection of fun.

Are paper stickers good?

These hard hat decals are a popular way to add a personal touch to your hard hat and help you express your personality and character at work. They can also be used to promote safety messages and boost morale on the job site. They can be fully customized with any design or text to create a unique identity for your hard hat. In addition, they can be used to highlight specific skills and certifications like first aid, CPR or forklift training. They can also indicate team leadership and a chain of command by showing who is the on-site foreman or safety supervisor.

It is important to note that OSHA requires that hard hats meet certain standards, and any modifications including the addition of paint or stickers can impact their reliability. Generally, any stickers or paint that cover more than 30% of the hard hat can affect its ability to detect electrical hazards and should not be added. Therefore, it is essential to consult your hard hat manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations before applying any stickers or paint.

Our custom hard hat stickers are made from durable and conformable vinyl designed specifically for industrial use to fit the curves of your helmet. They are easy to apply and can be removed without damaging the helmet or leaving adhesive residue. Simply upload your art during the checkout process and we will provide a free online proof within 1 business day.