8 Keys To Achieving A Larger Room

8 Keys To Achieving A Larger Room

The living room is one of the corners of the house where we store most things: technology, crockery, kitchenware, movies and music, books and magazines or the blankets for reading time … but how can we store everything without reducing the space?

1. Get rid of what is not used

Keeping the room in order involves throwing away everything that is not used. Saving things to save will only serve to take up valuable space . So the first thing is to get rid of everything that is not interesting.

2. Less is more

Having a broad view of the room means reducing the elements that fill the space. You have to be clear about what you need and select elements that decorate the room without overwhelming it or, otherwise, it will be much smaller.

3. Planning storage

Once you know the volume of things to store , you have to see how they can be accommodated in the available space. So you can see if more or less furniture is needed or if it should be multifunctional to help save space.

4. Distribute the furniture with practicality in mind

When distributing the pieces of furniture around the room, it is important to have a practical vision. To begin with, it is necessary to avoid that any furniture obstructs the entrance of light or the passage of people. Then, you should think about which areas will be the most used and place the furniture accordingly, so that the space is not overwhelming.

5. Playing with colors and lighting

While it is true that furniture and its distribution do a lot when it comes to enlarging the space, choosing light colors and planning the correct lighting, trying to make the most of natural light , it also helps to make the room look bigger.

6. Take advantage of the walls

One way to gain space without dwarfing the living room is to take advantage of the storage that the walls provide: shelves, shelves and even boxes; The important thing is to know how to take advantage of them, creating new corners to store things without having to visually overwhelm the room.

7. Bet on modular furniture

Opting for modular furniture allows you to create tailored compositions that perfectly fit the available space. Thus, you can take advantage of every last inch of the room without filling the room too much. In this way, in addition, modules can be added or removed depending on the needs of the moment.

8. Be consistent with order

In the end, no matter how many guidelines are followed, if you don’t always try to maintain order, you will never be able to see the spacious room. Having everything collected and getting rid of what is not used is the easiest way to add space to the space.